Trotter Gear

"This unctuous, giving gastronomic tool will become all cooks' friend, finding untold uses in the kitchen"
-Fergus Henderson

St. JOHN is delighted to announce the launch of three delicious recipes by friend, chef and writer Richard Turner.  Using the invaluable and iconic St. JOHN Trotter Gear, Richard has created a range of dishes which the home cook can recreate with ease.  From the glamorous Clinched Lobster (“a bit bloody racy”), to the rich, comforting and inexpensive Lamb Champvallon (“a fancy Francophile Lancashire Hotpot”), the recipes show the versatility of the ingredient that Fergus describes as the embodiment of “Unctuous Potential”.

Richard says: “Much like bacon, Fergus’ Trotter Gear goes with almost everything. It adds a depth and umami flavour boost to whatever you cook. Genius! We had heaps of fun with these recipes and I’m really chuffed with the results”.

Fergus adds: “What a joy to have Trotter in such good hands. The recipes are all a little bit cheeky, much like Richard himself! These are recipes to be shared and enjoyed among friends, to echo the spirit in which Richard and I cooked them ourselves.”

The recipe cards are available on the counters of all St. JOHN establishments and all St. JOHN Trotter Gear stockists – including Turner & George, Richard Turner’s butcher shop.